J. Bradley Hilton

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My birth certificate states the Shamrock Hilton in Houston, Texas as my home residence. As such, luxury hotels and the hospitality industry experience formed many of my earliest memories. The Shamrock, where I lived until I was 5 years old, was known as “The Waldorf Astoria of Texas”, and it was undeniably grand. Its swimming pool could accommodate a speed boat pulling water skiers and it boasted a 30 foot high diving platform. It wasn’t until I became a young adult that I began to realize just how unique and special my youthful life was while calling the Shamrock “home”.



My father, uncle and grandfather were all pioneers in the hospitality industry. My first job at the age of 17 was helping to run the central reservation system for Hilton Hotels. As I continued in my career, I became a Director of Technology for Hilton and I began to fully understand the legacy of my family, and particularly my grandfather’s immense influence in this industry.  Conrad Hilton, my grandfather, was a true pioneer and visionary - oftentimes introducing new technologies in the guest room before they were commonplace in people’s homes.  Color TVs, push-button phones and guest room air conditioning were just some examples of how he was a very influential “early adopter” and proponent of technological innovation. I am passionate about continuing and building upon my family’s legacy of bringing innovation to the hospitality industry, particularly as it relates to creating elevating, unique, health-enhancing and memorable experiences for the guests.

Hilton Vero Luxury Concepts is a next generation Hilton legacy company, bringing innovation, luxury and both staff and guest safety to the hospitality industry during this critical time.  Our team is comprised of industry thought leaders, innovators, and designers who share a commitment to delivering new, high-quality guest experiences.  We look forward to working with you, collaborating to build something truly special.




J. Bradley Hilton

CEO Hilton Vero Luxury Concepts